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Seeking the providence of God we thought that you might benefit from knowing that Trinity Lutheran Church in Ithaca will be offering a small group experience called “GriefShare.” GriefShare is a gathering of typically 4 to 12 people who have suffered the loss of a loved one, and feel led to both honor the memory of this person, while simultaneously renewing your strength through the spiritual gifts of listening to the words of God’s Holy Spirit through His Word, learning from others (including those who have suffered loss themselves, clinicians, and pastors), and sharing as you are comfortable the story of the death of your loved one which has touched your life.

GriefShare employs both video teaching, a homework and devotional booklet, and the opportunity for prayer and discussion among people who have also suffered the death of a loved one, under the guidance of facilitators. GriefShare approaches the process of working through grief from a Christian perspective. Small group discussion on the resources provided by the video in the booklet provide the “glue” for healing, but the foundation for our GriefShare journey is the hope which we have in the risen Christ.

Typically we meet every week (although you will note in the schedule below some weeks are skipped because of schedule conflicts). The meetings will begin with food and fellowship, then we share the video (the video can be between 30 and 45 minutes), then we discuss her feelings and insights provided by both the video and our own experiences. We also will reference the “homework” which people have done in their booklets throughout the week. And we close with prayer. Each GriefShare session lasts about two hours, and we meet for 12 sessions.

Schedule: (Sundays after worship at 12:30 p.m.)

September 10, 17, 24; October 1,8, 22, 29; November 5, 19, 26; December 10


We hope that you will consider coming to this gathering where we are confident you will receive strength for your journey, along with guidance for how to grieve, all the while building new friendships along the way.

In the love and hope found in Christ our Living Lord,
Your Facilitators,
Marti Clark GriefShare coordinator,
Cheryl Cox Deaconess Intern,
Pastor Robert Foote

Schedule: (Sundays after worship at 12:30 p.m.)

September 10, 17, 24; October 1,8, 22, 29; November 5, 19, 26; December 10

Acts 2:28 You have made known to me the ways of life; You will make me full of gladness with Your presence.